20th century Housing History for the Humberside Region 40.

Bransholme public housing estate benefitted from a more thoughtful approach than had been the case at Orchard Park. For one thing, large areas of open ‘green’ space were left undeveloped thus giving much of the estate an expansive, rather than congested, feel, although in immediate localities the ‘terrace’ format was retained. However, these ample open spaces are partly a result of subsequent demolition of some housing blocks, notably the blocks of flats/maisonettes. There was/is ample garage provision and open space parking space in recognition of the car having become almost a necessity for many households of all classes in society.
Bransholme also benefitted from a purpose-built shopping centre and, later, a health centre, which remain much-used assets, especially as the city centre, a long bus ride away, has suffered from the demise of so many of its assets. Orchard Park was originally planned to have a shopping precinct but plans were dropped, a long-term disappointment for many residents. A modern attractive hub building for the estate, built just over a decade ago, reflects some investment in the locality and remains undamaged by vandalism or graffiti.
One of Bransholme’s great assets is the large Noddle Hill Nature Reserve on the eastern side of the estate. I still have not researched its history but am sure that the lake and hills were man-made as the estate was under construction. Without doubt the best nature reserve in the region. Orchard Park also now has an alongside nature reserve on previously scrubland between the estate and eastern Cottingham with another access point off Endyke Lane. Press stories of burnt-out cars and drug taking on such areas generates apathy and cynicism but ‘below the periscope’ are many who appreciate them.
And so to the 1980s.
(to be continued – but not for long)