Update and overview for 2021.

The blog posted on 11/11/’20 was the final one of my Inventory of blogs up to that point (over four and a half years). Since then a 20 blog section has been added under the heading Disused Rail-lines as Public Rights of Way, these uploaded between 13/11/’20 and 31/12/’20.

Having taken a week off I need to think about the coming year. My long-term research project – History of Hull’s Municipal Parks, Cemeteries, Playing Fields and Allotments has taken a big hit with the pandemic and resulting lock-downs because the Hull History Centre has either been closed or their services severely restricted for almost a year now. When normal service will be resumed is anyone’s guess with the current third national lockdown and the highest death rates being recorded nationally of the whole pandemic.

Have taken-on a couple of initiatives beyond my immediate daily round – regular litter picking in the Pearson Park, part of Beverley Road and Grove St. areas (a Facebook group ‘Litter Friends’, recently renamed, co-ordinates and encourages this sort of voluntary local initiative and is having a positive effect), secondly have taken-on responsibility of Secretary and Newsletter Editor for the Friends of Pearson Park and thirdly have taken-on another and much larger allotment on the Clough Road Allotment Association site.

I took-on a small plot about a year ago which had previously been the site of a wood-chip pile. Gradually, over the summer and autumn, got it divided into six beds with grass paths between and all winter-dug ready for planting 2021. When, in November, offered the chance to take-on a much bigger plot I, hesitatingly, decided to do so. Therefore will be giving-up the smaller plot for someone else to plant-up in the spring – crazy, I know. That said, digging is good exercise and allotment sites are places where social distancing is easily maintained.

(to be continued).