20th January, 2018. ‘The Descent of Man’.

Having published On the Origin of Species in 1859 (John Murray publisher) Charles Darwin waited until 1871 before having his two-volume The Descent of Man an Selection in Relation to Sex published. Although he had been considering the content of this his second great volume since his experiences on the Beagle expedition nevertheless he had been wary of translating into print his evolutionary theories with regard to Man as an animal in Nature. However the decision to do so was in response to various other scientists who were beginning to have published similar evolutionary notions. For example Thomas Huxley, a disciple of Darwin’s since the publication of On The Origin of Species, had already published his Evidence as to Man’s Place in Nature in which he set out clear evidence to show that humans were the result of a series of physical changes from the apish state. The illustration above reflects Huxley and Darwin’s views. (to be continued).