2nd September, 2017. Culture and ideas.

Recently a friend, sceptical of my non-scientist interest in science, asked ‘What of culture’? To answer I have to set down my current opinions on both culture and beliefs.

The real god is the forces of Nature that have dictated the development of the Universe and the history of planet Earth.

Traditional religions are the product of Man’s ingenuity in trying to fathom the unknown (back then). Ancient holy books reflect the culture of their time and can be of value when presenting a moral framework for modern society (as well as then), but should not be viewed with unquestioning reverence, as if divinely inspired.

Eternal life is real in the fact that the ‘atoms’ (component bits) of all life return to the ‘melting pot’ after death and are resurrected in emerging life-forms.

The commonality of elements across the Universe is a force of Nature.

Like Einstein, I think there maybe some mileage in the question ‘who fired the Big Bang?’ (my phrasing).

Man is an evolved life-form, not made in the image of an imaginary god, and currently has control of planet Earth.

Human culture – art, music, literature, philosophy – are vital to an appreciation of our species. History is the source of all cultural wisdom as it sets events and ideas in context. Science opens doors and reveals the Truth.

Above illustration taken from the Wikipaedia Big Bang website.