Monthly Archives: April 2017

30th April, 2017.

Apologies again for the gap, have been staying at Hallow, just north of Worcester, for few days, no wi-fi and have been ill again, so didn’t get out much. Above is view north from cathedral precinct overlooking R. Severn and showing tower of All Saints church (Georgian) near to the five-arch Worcester Bridge over the R. Severn and the needle spire of St. Andrew’s church which now stands in a small garden area between two blocks of Worcester College the nave and chancel of the church having long ago been demolished.

23rd. April, 2017.

Nafferton church (above, view from south), again on a prominence above, here, the local lake. Nafferton, a large village just east of Driffield, stands at the base of the Wolds dip slope overlooking the northern carr-land of the River Hull valley. Stil a stop on the Hull to Scarborough railway.

23rd. April, 2017

Kilham church – large, mostly stone-built and atop a prominence near the centre of this large linear village which was once the market hub of the high Yorkshire Wolds.

23rd. April, 2017.

Lowthorpe church (above from the s.w.) has a ruined chancel built in a very different style to the nave and must have been related to a small college of canons established here in 1333 and, along with other such colleges, dissolved in 1548. Church set in an isolated location, mostly surrounded by woods. Unusual royal arms and medieval monument.

23rd. April, 2017.

Harpham village lies east of Driffield on the southern edge of the Yorshire Wolds dip slope and in the valley of Kelk Beck, a headwater of the River Hull. It was the estate village of the de St. Quintin baronial family until the 1690s, while the church remained their mausoleum thereafter. The ‘Venerable’ Bede, writing in the early 8th century stated that John, the fourth Anglo-Saxon Bishop of York and founder of the earliest monastic site at Beverley, had been born at Harpham, hence the church’s dedication to St. John of Beverley (canonised in the 11th century).

Mostly stone-built with some 18th century brick walling.

22nd April, 2017.

Apologies for the gap since last post – had another viral stomach infection until middle of this week which flared-up Easter Friday.

April is a month to relish in the hedgerows, roadside verges, churchyards and indeed in the fields of growing crops. This afternoon walked Cliff Rd., South Ferriby, then onto chalk shingle beach to Leggott’s quarry and back along ‘low road’. Classic joys of April all in evidence – skylark (see above)┬áhovering with warning call above field of winter wheat, drooping cluster flower-heads of cowslips, first flower-heads of cow parsley, swallows feeding on the wing in increasing numbers, dandelion flower-heads opening to respond to breaks in the cloud cover, lots of flowering ground ivy, occasional bugle and periwinkle in flower.

Have completed preparation and booklet for Friends of Beverley Minster church studies day on 5th May to Harpham, Lowthorpe, Nafferton and Kilham.

Power point presentation ready for talk on The River Hull, its History and Navigation.

Going to Worcester on Monday so hoping to take laptop and blog from there.