Monthly Archives: June 2016

Two recent guided visits.

On Saturday 18th June a party of 13 members of the East Yorkshire Local History Society came, on the Society’s annual church studies day, to visit the five ‘Low Village’ churches. The sequence of guided visits, dictated by needing to work round other bookings, was; South Ferriby, Worlaby, Bonby and then after lunch Horkstow and Saxby All Saints. Unlike, for example, the W.E.A. the E.Y.L.H.S. to not collate formal appraisals but the verbal feedback on the day seemed positive – and it didn’t rain.

On Saturday 25th June a group of 13(!) members of Hull Georgian Society came to Barton for a guided walk entitled ‘Georgian Barton’. Again the informal feedback seemed very positive – and it didn’t rain. As this was my first formal contact with H.G.S. I am pleased to have been of some service.


Two separate events that I hope will be of some interest;

Saturday 18th June is the annual church studies day for the East Yorkshire Local History Society. This year we are targeting the five Low Village churches in North Lincs. in the order South Ferriby 10-15am, Worlaby, Bonby, then lunch at the Hope and Anchor S.F. and then Horkstow and Saxby All Saints churches pm. Anyone wishing to join us would be welcome.

Secondly yesterday, following a trip out to Withernsea, I visited Hedon Road cemetery and, for the first time, its remarkable ‘rustic’ columbarium. As well as its physical form it is also interesting in that there are some cremation urn niches with plaques dated to relatively early in the 20th century when cremation was still far from widely accepted. (see my pdf on the history of burial, cremation and cemeteries locally).