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My next Presentation.

The History of the Adamant Cement Works, Barton on Humber, 7-30pm Thursday 31st March in the building on the corner of West Acridge and Fleetgate (Barton and District History Society).

The Barrow WEA class.

The 17 members of the class have made excellent progress and I think that all the writing, along with chosen pictures, for the different sections has been completed. A class member living at Scawby has kindly agreed to collate the sections in an agreed order to prepare  a draft script for the book. Most sections have been sent to her electronically but she is having to type those where that was not possible. There is just one more session remaining on the evening of the 4th April, the regional WEA organiser is planning to attend.

Clearly the text will need editing by myself after the course has finished, all texts have been submitted on that understanding.

On the theme of Spring, and writing on a windswept, wet Easter Monday morning, the frogs seem to be coming out of hibernation late this year. Have not yet seen any frog-spawn and unfortunately on Sluice Road as many properties have large gardens and outbuildings the frogs are having to cross the road from their hibernation spots to get to fresh water ponds near the Humber bank. Inevitably there are many casualties. On the theme of late/early contradictions although the frogs are late I saw my first swallow this morning scudding over local reed-beds, very early. Perhaps it had been carried on by the strong south winds of late.

(Sorry no picture, I’m still trying to work-out how to download pictures transferred from my camera). One plant/tree that is doing well is the alder, A native tree and at home in very wet soil it has clearly coped well with the very wet Winter and early Spring, although the drab colours of the catkin-like flowers and last year’s seed heads do not stand-out from the background of the bare branches other trees (I do have picture). The same is true of willows and poplars.

Snowdrops, lesser celandine and coltsfoot seem to have flowered well. A good display of the latter may still we seen along the cliff-face of Ferriby (South) ‘cliff’. Despite regular cliff-face collapses along the unconsolidated boulder clay cliff-line the coltsfoot re-colonise quickly (I do have pictures).

Early March.

Strange that after a comparatively mild winter Spring seems to be slow and patchy. Just one or two hawthorn bushes just opening to leaf but the rest holding back, see picture above taken beside West Drain south of South Ferriby cement works. Similarly the odd young blackthorn just in flower but the rest no sign of new life, see next picture taken on same site as last.

Apologies to readers for the big gap since the last update – I tried and tried to download two further pdfs (articles) to the Publications page, got in a complete muddle and somehow jammed the system. Ryan was booked-up for a few days, I had other things to do etc. etc. So I’ll post a few points that I had intended to make over the intervening weeks.